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The Ol’ Switcheroo.

So, I’ve finally gone and changed this blog to be my general education blog for general education things. So that’s cool. It took more time than I’m willing to admit. But now it’s full of all these wonderful goodies. Yay!

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Reflection on… the last day of class!

After a long semester, here we are.

Today’s presentations were great. I really enjoyed seeing what everyone did, and now I have some great idea’s for technology-based lessons to do in my future classroom, and that’s awesome.

I really appreciated this course, it really opened my eyes beyond what I already knew about using technology in the classroom. And how to get students to use technology effectively. Thanks so much for a great semester, and for making a bunch of collections of lesson plans and ideas! I look forward to having a major bank of technology based idea to use in the future.

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I thought I’d put my the Pinterest board I made for educational ideas, tips and tricks.

Education Station.


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Reflection on… Major Project Presentations

It’s a load off my shoulders to have gone and finished my presentation.

I do wish I had prepared more of what to say.In finishing my project I did go back and reflect on how I used technology, and it’s fairly evident on my blog, but in the spotlight I was frazzled. I feel good though. I know I can transfer these skills into a classroom and make it work in many different scenarios.

It always makes me giggle at how diverse our class is. Either first or fourth years. So, either we don’t really know how to transfer all these skills due to lack of experience; and on the fourth year side, that’s all they think about. It helps me see what I need to be striving for, but also makes me feel pretty inadequate in my own way.

I loved the DIY Pinterest Idea’s that Amber had. Pinterest is a great resource for a teacher to utilize; you can find many educational goodies, and tons of ideas for projects to do in the classroom. And I really enjoyed being able to see Kayla, Miranda and Angela’s ideas for lesson plans, because it’s a great way for me to model my educational experience. I also think Katrina’s baby sign idea was super super cool. I would maybe try to incorporate it into the classroom somehow. Teach the students basic signs for different things. (But this idea is just developing as I’m typing.) It would be interesting to continue those thoughts in the future.

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s presentations!

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Tech Task #8: Final Reflection

I decided to create a word cloud that encompassed what I learned in this class for my 8th and final Tech Task.

Tech Task 8: Final Reflection (Using Tagxedo)

Tech Task 8: Final Reflection (Using Tagxedo)

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Major Project!

So, although it’s been done for a few days, I thought I’d make a blog post dedicated to saying…


That felt good. To check out what I did for my Major Project, head on over to the Treasure Box Trinkets blog. I taught myself to make jewellery and that blog outlines how I did so, and what I’ve made.

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Blogs & the Classroom

On Monday, I took a look at a few different education and classroom blogs.

Adventures in Educational Blogging I liked this one, because I feel it has a lot of resources that I could look back on later in my career.

Lisa Marie Kitch- Arts Ed Teacher- Davison and Milller Schools Melville This one intrigued me because it is an Arts Ed teacher, and I always like to see ways that Arts Ed teachers are incorporating technology into their classroom.

Kathy Cassidy of Moose Jaw Grade 1 I have heard about and discussed what Kathy Cassidy is doing in other classes and so I knew that her blog would be a great one to look at.


Today, we discussed some questions about the blogs we looked at. This PDF outlines our discussion.

Blogs in the Classroom


What makes a good classroom blog?

I believe that a good classroom blog is focused, and updated often and regularly. It should be a place where students can go to see and show off what they have done. I believe that it should also be a safe and educational environment that students can visit at home. The same way that the classroom also involves more than just simply the plain ol’ books, a classroom blog could have something like a “Brain Break Corner” or a games corner that links to good educational games and sites for students to spend time on. It should also address Digital Citizenship and have a “Cyber Safety Corner” where students can go to learn how to conduct themselves on the web. A classroom blog, to me, is an online classroom; it has to be full of all the things students need in their educational journey. I also think it is a great place for parents to be able to come and see what is happening in the classroom. A child could go home and tell all about what they did in school that day, and then be able to show off pictures! It would also be a great place to remind parents of upcoming events in and around the school, and the community. I would hope that in my future classroom, I could use my blog as a way to touch base with all the parents. I would want to make sure they know what is going on, and let them have the option to voice their opinions. A good classroom blog encompasses and reaches out to all the people involved in the classroom environment. If I have one concern though, it would be that I would want to add some security to a classroom blog. I believe that it would be good to have it password protected. I don’t really like the idea of just anyone on the internet being able to look in on my students and I. The same way that a classroom doesn’t allow just anyone to come and watch, it should be a safe place between the teacher, parents and students. In short, a good classroom blog is…

  • updated regularly so parents are kept up to date on what their children are doing.
  • a place for students to proudly show what they’ve done.
  • somewhere that can be used for more than just curricular learning.
  • an active part of the school and surrounding community though event reminders.
  • a place for parents to voice their opinions.
  • an online classroom that provides a safe, educational environment accessible from anywhere.